Mastering is the final process in music production. It is the step that ensures the music will translate across various mediums and is loud enough to meet the expectations of the listener.

Contrary to some opinions, mastering was never intended to make sweeping changes to the tonality of a mix but rather very small adjustments where it's needed.

Often times it's difficult to hear these changes with increased loudness, which is why level matching is used in the process of mastering, in order to be alble to monitor these adjustments.

After mastering, the music is generally a little brighter, punchier, wider and louder; with loudness being the most discernable.

We can master your project, whether it be a Single, EP or Album. We can also send your project to a dedicated mastering studio upon request.

This is the final mastered mix, which is not only louder but punchier and a little brighter, all the while maintaining dynamnics which can be seen from the waveform.