Get Your Tracks Release Ready

Mastering is the Final step before Release; so it's important that Your Product is Ready for the World.

From CD Mastering and Streaming to Audiobooks and Music for Broadcast, we will ensure Your Product is Release Ready, Loudness Compliant and Sound the Best that it can be.

We leave no stone unturned and provide you with a complete service including Mastering and Preperation for CD pressing, adding Meta-Data and also providing and allocating ISRC codes. We can even help you with on-line distribution and APRA registration.

Mastering Services

• DDP Files (for Disc Pressing Plants)

• CD Mastering (Albums, EP's, Singles)

• Stem Mastering

• Mastering for Streaming

• Audiobook Mastering

• Mastering for Television and Broadcast

• Meta-Data input

• ISRC code allocation

• On-line distribution assistance

• APRA registration

CD Mastering

CD mastering is not just about choosing the order of songs on a disc.

It's about taking the listener on a sonic journey where consistency between tracks is paramount. This means that the tracks not only have to maintain the same sonic fingerprint but also be of equal loudness, so there's a smooth, seamless transition between tracks.

More importantly, it's about upholding the artist's vision and reflecting who they are as an artist.

With albums and EP's we have the opportunity to create crossfades between tracks or add instrumental motifs to enhance the listener's experience and that's what it's all about...

Creating an Experience

for the Listener

DDP Files

DDP or DDPi stands for Disc Description Protocol Image and is the file that is created to be sent to Disc Pressing Plants for disc replication.

DDP files typically contain the Audio, Track ID information and CD-Text information, as well as ISRC codes.

Stem Mastering

When Mastering a song or a piece of music, it can be submitted to the studio in two ways. The first and most common is as a single stereo file. The second is as stems.

Like a multi-track, stems consist of multiple files. Unlike a multi-track, stems are not so much individual tracks but rather tracks that have been exported as groups.

One stem may be drums, another guitars and another vocals and so on.

Vocals are a special kind of stem, where the lead vocal is exported as a seperate stem to the backing vocals.

Bass guitar is often times also exported as an individual stem.

Stem mastering is a more involved process than stereo mastering and gives the engineer more control over the final result. This is often times the best way to master, if the client isn't so skilled or confident in their own mixing abilities.