Songwriting and Production

Music Production is more than just instrumentation and arrangement.

We are attentively focused on musical artists and maximizing their potential.

It's all about Production with Passion, with a focus on the creative process and the strengths of the artist, endorsing freedom of expression and creative growth.

We place particular attention on the artist's originality, to develop a distinctive musical identity.

Often times, artists will have songs that are little more than a series of chord progressions and a melody with lyrics.

Other times it can be difficult to even finish your song. You may be missing a chorus or perhaps finding it diffucult to transition from one section to another.

Unless You're in a band, it can be daunting for singer-songwriters to know where to go from here.

We can develop and produce your existing song ideas into completed productions and in a variey of genres, including HipHop, R&B, Pop, Rock, Metal, EDM and classical crossover.

With a massive instrument and sample library, along with hand-selected session musicians, your production is in good hands.

We produce with passion and are invested in making sure your songs are best they can be and release ready.

Calling all HipHop artists...

Don't download generic beats!

We can create and produce custom beats for your rhymes, giving your songs uniqueness they deserve.

If you want to take your music to the next level and have a release ready, polished production, get in touch with us to discuss your vision.

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