Audio Visual Media was established in 2007 and is committed to providing our clients with outstanding recording quality and unparalleled music & song production, in a friendly and inspiring environment. You can have confidence that your project is in the right hands, with encouragement and guidance throughout the entire recording and production process.

Audio Visual Media is attentively focused on musical artists and maximizing their potential, providing a complete solution encompassing development, production and promotion. It's all about Production with PassionĀ, with focusing on the creative process and the strengths of the artist, endorsing freedom of expression and creative growth; with particular attention placed on the artist's originality, to develop a distinctive musical identity.

Perfectly suited to song-writing, recording & production; Audio Visual Media have a massive collection of loops, samples and virtual instruments to take your music anywhere you envision, using contemporary and progressive song-production techniques. Session musicians are also available, covering all instruments and genres (musical styles).

The Recording Studio at Audio Visual Media encompasses the best of both Analog and Digital. The Front End is through Avalon and Focusrite ISA Pre-Amps recording to a Logic Pro X DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), with 24 simultaneous channels of pristine SSL (Solid State Logic) ADDA Conversion, with SSL Super-Analogue Summing with SSL Sigma Delta. This System runs on a 12-Core Mac Pro with 24Gb RAM with a vast array of high-end DSP processing and Automation is via 20 channels of ethernet based AVID Artist Series Controllers. Very accurate sound reproduction is achieved with Dynaudio, Focal monitoring and a generously sized, isolated recording space, with great visual communication.

It's a songwriter's dream at Audio Visual Media with an extensive collection of Software Instruments & Effects and Loops & Samples; covering all musical genres and styles. Large, comfortable Air-Conditioned Control-Room with a friendly and inspiring atmosphere and dimmable lighting.

Experienced Producer, well versed in an array of genres from Classic Rock and Metal, through to HipHop and EDM and also Classical Cross-over. Also, Soundtrack composition, ADR and Jingles & Radio Ads.

Our clients are guided throughout the entire recording and production process, ensuring that the best performance is captured and turned into a world-class musical product.