Preparing for a Recording Session

• The first & most important point is to be relaxed.

• Avoid last minute preparation but make sure you are ready for the session.

• Remember - Be Productive (the clock stops for no man).

• Ensure that you have an early night with plenty of sleep prior to your recording session.

• Ensure you have printed (not hand written) music charts and lyrics sheets (in a large font) if required.


For Vocalists

                    - Avoid excessive talking and use of your voice,  at least a day prior to your session.

                    - Do not consume diary products prior to your recording session (particularly milk).

                    - Do not consume overly chilled beverages prior to your recording session.

                    - Warm water with honey, or water at room temperature is a good option.

                    - Voice WarmUp exercises both at home and at the studio, on the day of your recording session. 


For Musicians

                    - Ensure that all of your required equipment is in optimum working order.

                    - Ensure all your instrument cables are functioning properly with no "buzzing".

                    - For best recording results and to ensure tonal integrity of your instrument

                      Consider  -New strings for your Guitar, Bass or Orchestral Instrument.

                                      -New Skins for your Drums and beater for your Kick.

                                      -Ensure there are no squeaks on your Kick and Hat pedals.

                                      -New Reeds and/or mouthpieces for Brass/Reed Instruments

                     -Please ensure that your instruments are setup properly including pre-tuning.

                      (for stable and accurate intonation).

What is Disc Duplication and Disc Replication ?

Disc Duplication

The duplication process is relatively the same as "burning" a disc from a computer's disc drive. A master CD is inserted into the duplicating device, then the device starts to burn additional discs from the master .The disc  can then be printed as well as the CD's cover art produced. Disc Duplication runs generally range from under 500 discs up to 1000 discs.


Disc Replication

The replication process starts with a "Glass Master Disc" that contains all of the information that will be contained on all the other discs. This glass master disc is then used to "stamp" the other discs. A layer of reflective material is applied to the additional disc as well as a coating that makes the disc most resilient and durable. The covers of the discs are then printed on top of the reflective material, and the discs are packaged. Disc Replication runs generally range from 500 discs up to and in excess of 20 thousand discs.



Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic,

We are taking all possible measures to ensure the Health, Safety and Well Being of our Clients.

The studio and equipment is being sanitized and disinfected before and after every session.

If you feel unwell, do NOT attend. Instead, please call us to reschedule your session.

For clients attending the studio, the following rules have been set in place until further notice...

                                        • If you have been unwell, medical clearance will be required to attend.

                                        • Medical Clearance will be required for clients who have recently travelled.