Mastering is the final process in music production. It is the step that ensures the music will translate across various mediums and is loud enough to meet the expectations of the listener.

Contrary to some opinions, mastering was never intended to make sweeping changes to the tonality of a mix but rather very small adjustments where it's needed.

Often times it's difficult to hear these changes with increased loudness, which is why level matching is used in the process of mastering, in order to be able to monitor these adjustments.

After mastering, the music is generally a little brighter, punchier, wider and louder; with loudness being the most discernable.

Whether it be a Single, EP or Album, Let Us Give Your Project the Attention to Detail it Deserves.

With streaming being at the forefront of music consumption, our Masters comply with all streaming specifications. Masters are available acording to your requirements, including Masters for Spotify, Apple Music and HD Audio Masters, giving you peace of mind that your Music will sound amazing, no matter what platform it's played on.

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Please Note

All Files Must be clearly labelled

Stems must be exported at a uniform bit-rate and sample-rate, otherwise a $5 charge for each conversion will be applied

File Upload Specifications

Stereo Files

24 or 32 bit files preferred

Minimum resolution is 16 bit / 44.1 KHz

Sample Rates of up to 192 KHz are accepted

Don't record too hot. Leave around 12 dBFS headroom

Place All Audiofiles into a single ZIP File Before Uploading


Export all virtual instruments as audio-files

Export each stem as a single region from bar 1      (1_1_1_1)

Place Stems for each song into a folder  and upload as a single Zip File.

Provide Song Tempo where possible


Copy & Paste the above email address to the Recipient's Email field

on the upload page